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Here at Badger Docks, we understand that your time on the lake is precious and that every minute counts during the short summers in the midwest. That’s why we sell and install name brand waterfront equipment with a proven track record of reliability and service.

Whether you need your docks and lifts installed, removed, or repaired, we can help you get your dock up and ready for summertime!

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Dock Sales

Your Complete Dock Solution

We Come to You!

We come to you with all the tools you need to pick out your dream dock. After a waterfront assessment, we bring sample materials to you, along with literature about docks that will help you decide what will best fit your needs. Our knowledgeable staff can answer any questions you may have about the best materials, how to care for your dock, and the process of dock installation.

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We Keep In Mind What Matters To You!

We pride ourselves in our ability to make lasting relationship s with our clients due to our ability to provide them with high quality, brand name materials, while paying attention to their budgets.

We do all the planning and layout work to ensure that your dock is installed correctly. All you have to do is sit back, and watch your dream dock appear.

Looking for a specific model? Give us a call, and we can find that dock for you!

Spring Dock Installation

Choose Badger Docks For Your Dock Installation

Its never too early to schedule.  We start putting docks in the day the ice goes out.

Call us today to get your Dock Installed! (262)305-3913 or fill out our contact form!

Fall Dock Removal

Hassle Free! We remove your docks.

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Dock Repair

We have experience repairing all varieties of docks, lifts and canopies.  If its part of your waterfront experience we can fix it.  Our ability to weld steel and aluminum makes us able to properly fix your dock.

  • Steel welding
  • Aluminum Welding
  • Section repair
  • Joint repair
  • Support repair
  • Wood dock sandblasting and refinishing

Lift Repair

cantilever11We specialize in Lift Repair.

  • Steel welding
  • Aluminum Welding
  • Winch repair and replacement
  • Motor repair and replacement
  • Cable Replacement
  • Canopy Repair


Dock Rental

2'CEDAR1Docks can be expensive and sometimes renting a dock is the better
option   Are you selling your lake home, but don’t want to invest in a
new dock, but want the lake property to look great?  Or maybe you
renting a lake home for the summer but don’t want to invest in new
dock because your unsure of your plans next season? Or maybe you just
don’t know what dock you want to buy but you need one. There are lots
of reasons for renting a dock.  At Badger Docks we make the process
simple and easy so you can enjoy you time on the lake. Contact us for
summer and monthly rental programs today.  We can help!